Bed Bug Laundry Services in NYC

Getting rid of bed bugs is now easier than ever thanks to the bed bug extermination experts at Bed Bug Laundry NYC. We serve both commercial and residential properties in New York City with our professional bed bug laundry and dry cleaning services to help get rid of bed bugs and assist with preparation for bed bug extermination. We provide the best bed bug laundry services available in NYC, because we strive to go above and beyond to fulfill our client’s needs.

Bed Bug Laundry & Bed Bug Prep

Bed bug laundry is a huge part of bed bug prep, and we always recommend scheduling a bed bug laundry service before bed bug extermination begins. Scheduling a pick up for bed bug laundry services while preparing for bed bug extermination keeps washable items from being contaminated while the property is undergoing bed bug treatment, and helps reduce clutter that could conflict with bed bug extermination. 

Bed Bug Laundry NYC will pick up, drop off, and treat all washable items at our bed bug laundry facilities. Services include:

  • Discreet Laundry Pick Up & Drop Off Services on your schedule

  • Packing up and sorting your clothing, bedding, linens, and other washable items

  • Bed Bug Laundry & Dry Cleaning Treatment

  • Non-Toxic, Scent-Free Bed Bug Laundry Soap

  • Bagging and sealing items that cannot be laundered for further treatment

  • Folded and pressed garments upon delivery


Bed Bug Laundry Services

The Bed Bug Laundry NYC facilities are the best places to send clothing and washable items for bed bug treatment. We maintain a sterile environment at all times, with state of the art equipment and the most effective bed bug treatment products. Our bed bug laundry experts are also professional bed bug exterminators, which means they have the knowledge and expertise to make sure your bedding, linens, and clothing return to you completely bedbug-free.

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