ABOUT Bed Bug Laundry

Bed Bug Laundry NYC offers the best in professional bed bug laundry and bed bug dry cleaning services. Our specialized bed bug laundry facilities are the safest place to get rid of bed bugs in the laundry, and safely perform bed bug treatment on washable items. We serve the New York City Metropolitan and Tri-State Area, providing discreet pick up and drop off services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, and more.


Getting rid of bed bugs can be a lengthy process that takes a lot of work. The bed bug treatment experts at Bed Bug Laundry NYC work with our clients directly, so we are able to tailor the bed bug laundry and dry cleaning services we offer around anyone’s schedule. We can even coordinate with professional bed bug exterminators to ensure the most efficient and timely bed bug treatment possible. 

The Bed Bug Laundry NYC Bed Bug Laundry Treatment


At the Bed Bug Laundry NYC bed bug laundry facilities, your clothing, dry cleaning, and other washable items will be treated with our non-toxic, 100% effective bed bug laundry detergent. Our bed bug treatment experts will treat your bedding, linens, clothing, etc. in a sterilized environment in order to completely remove all traces of bed bug infestation from your washable items, including bed bugs in all stages of life and bed bug eggs.


We offer bed bug laundry, bed bug dry cleaning, pick up and drop off services to NYC and the surrounding area. Our bed bug treatment experts will save you time and effort by handling all of your bed bug laundry needs, sorting, folding, and packing up all of your washable items for pick up, treatment, and drop off. The Bed Bug Laundry NYC services are available around the clock for your convenience, making it easier for you to schedule a bed bug laundry service and focus on getting rid of bed bugs and working with the bed bug exterminator of your choice.


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