Coronavirus Cleaning &

Disinfecting Services

What is Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) and how we disinfect it?

Home Clean Home, our parent company, is  on the front lines of the coronavirus with an innovative cleaning and disinfecting service. We are working with them to keep homes and businesses safe. Studies have recently indicated that the novel coronavirus has the ability to survive on the surfaces we use for up to 72 hours. Every day, people do the best they can to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus through person-to-person contact but a comprehensive approach is the best solution for protecting ourselves.

What is the Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus puts many lives around the world at risk. It is responsible for infecting people with Covid-19, an illness with severe and sometimes fatal flu-like symptoms. Its defining characteristics are an extremely high fever together with  a dry cough that causes difficulty breathing to those who catch it. Recently, the CDC informed the public that people ages 65 and older account for 80% of the deaths caused by the coronavirus. They also contribute 31% of total cases, 45% of coronavirus hospitalizations,  and 53% of the patients in ICU. During our coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting service we apply a residual biocide that creates an antimicrobial shield for weeks of continuous protection. 

Why choose us

Our experts applied almost 3 decades of experience in developing a cleaning and disinfecting service to kill the coronavirus and protect surfaces after the initial disinfecting is complete.  Many will tend to drop their bags, coats, and personal items on top of a surface immediately on arrival, and turn door knobs without washing their hands or sanitizing. During a pandemic, these habits can put us at risk. We designed a 3 Step Coronavirus Disinfecting Solution to combat the viruses that cannot be seen. Our residual biocide forms an antimicrobial layer onto any surface, protecting it from the coronavirus and other germs for weeks.

The 3 Step Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting Service

Step 1: We apply a powerful disinfectant that saturates into the surface for several minutes, making certain that the coronavirus has been completely removed..


Step 2: Our highly trained professionals will wipe your disinfected surfaces clean, and allow them to air dry  in order to prevent creating an unsightly film of lint.


Step 3: We apply a specially formulated residual biocide, forming an antimicrobial layer that provides continuous protection for weeks. It bonds to surfaces and provides an anti-microbial shield

What to Disinfect

Shielding your home or business from viruses is our main priority, which is why our coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting service is designed to treat everything , including:

  • Door Knobs, light switches, safety grab bars

  • Lighting, wall switches, and button consoles

  • Tables, chairs, and upholstered furniture

  • Toilets, faucets, and showerheads

  • Cabinets, countertops, and sinks

  • Refrigerators, kitchen appliances, and stovetops

  • Computers, handheld devices, and electronics

  • Curtain rods, windows, and bedframes

Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfecting Service Area

We have provided the top cleaning and disinfecting services to homes, businesses, nursing homes, schools, and more for almost 30 years. In order to protect public health and safety from the dangers of the coronavirus, anywhere that people gather must be disinfected regularly. We offer professional coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting services to the NYC five-boroughs, New York State, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and parts of Connecticut.

Get to know how we work

We use special products and equipments to perform the disinfection, watch the video bellow to see how we work:


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